RestApi Scope

The authorization and token endpoints allow the client to specify the scope of the access request using the "scope" request parameter. In turn, the authorization server uses the "scope" response parameter to inform the client of the scope of the access token issued.

The value of the scope parameter is expressed as a list of space-delimited, case-sensitive strings. The strings are defined by the authorization server. If the value contains multiple space-delimited strings, their order does not matter, and each string adds an additional access range to the requested scope.

$scope = new Scope();

Please see Access Token Scope for more information.


Retrieve a space-delimited string of the values.

$value = $scope->getValue();


Retrieve all the values.

$values = $scope->getValues();


Checks if the given case-sensitive value is exists.

$has_value = $scope->hasValue($value);


Return an instance with the provided value.

$scope = $scope->withValue($value);


Return an instance with the appended given value.

$scope = $scope->withAddedValue($value);


Return an instance without the specified value.

$scope = $scope->withoutValue($value);